Black Hills Stock Show Stallion Row

Well, the country horses are visiting the city!  Day one of the Black Hills Stock Show Stallion Row is history, and both Black Widow Legacy and Widows King behaved admirably.  One would think they were a couple of old geldings who went to town frequently, not range studs who have never been washed behind the ears before!  Anyone in the area can stop by the Civic Center in Rapid City tomorrow and see them in person.

Winter weather has arrived at Badger Hole Ranch.  It’s been bitterly cold for just over a week now, and we’ve had six inches of snow on the ground since last Sunday night.  The livestock are faring well, and enjoying the fruits of our labors in the hayfield last summer.

But, oh, for green grass and balmy weather…..

I Dream of Spring…

King of Clubs  King of Clubs, who was inbred to King, and a full 75% King P-234.   He was sired by King and out of King’s daughter Betty H.  King of Clubs became the Hankins Brothers replacement sire after the death of King P-234.  King of Clubs is on the papers of Black Widow Legacy and Widows King!

King of Clubs